Savanna Tablecloth

Savanna Tablecloth


Inspired by 19th Century photographer Eadward Muybridge and his animals in motions series, this 100% Irish linen will bring warmth and conversation to your table.

The landscape is set in South Africa, with native leopards, giraffes and zebras roaming amongst flora and fauna; cranes and pelicans sit alongside graphic & geometrics. The base colour evokes dry Savannas and stoney terrain, and allows the vivid imagery and colour palette to shine. Perfect in summer as a picnic cloth or at Christmas for your family dinner.

  • 100% Irish Linen

  • 138 x 200cm

  • Colour: Stone

  • Made in the U.K.

  • Designed in London, Printed in Northern Ireland, Finished in London.

  • Homeware Collection

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