Chloe and I met up in Vietnam looking for inspiration and to reconnect after a year of not seeing each other.  Though we work and speak to each other most days there’s nothing better than being in each other’s company, Vietnam is halfway between Australia and the UK, so seemed the obvious place, of course!!

Morning one in Ho Chi Minh was spent in a fabulous café drinking Vietnamese coffee,strong coffee with a layer of condensed milk at the bottom totally delicious. We watched the world go by and did not draw breath.  Then the fun began heading down winding streets falling upon small shops full of makers, embroiders, antiques, amazing markets, so much going on so refreshing to feast your eyes on the unknown.

Slower Hanoi had wide avenues and lots of lakes, the leftover of French occupation along with Versailles inspired buildings. Chloe had a penchant for dipping into shops before breakfast, strange department stores pilled high with western type clothing, a lot of polyester, quite spectacular knitwear and seemingly very interesting shoes!

Whilst there we designed and put to bed a fantastic AW18 collection and began development for some AW18 accessories that we are very excited about so watch this space!!


Hetis Colours