What We Have Loved and What We Love

Travelling to Jaipur, Rajasthan, India to dye fabrics and create colour stories. Especially as I dyed meters of fabric out of a bucket in the main market place. The local dying family ran a shop where customers came and got their clothes dyed, quickly changing old clothes to new. Seemingly dark dusky pink was a favourite colour for that month. Meanwhile the bustle (cows strolling by, auto-rickshaw's beeping, children playing and laughing, yelled instructions and conversations) continued around us went. 


Then we travelled to a small village 2 hours from Jaipur to mud print for an Anthropology commission. The mud printing was done on a farm, run by three brothers. The eldest had an amazing eye for colour; he could match colours instinctivly knowing exactly what colour to add to get the perfect tone. We covered the cashmere with mud and then left the cloths in the sun to dry on the grass, always hoping that no-one and no animals would walk on them! Finally finishing them off by over-dying them a beautiful blue colour. The over-dye was achieved in big siver pots, heated upon an open fire and stirred with branches from the surrounding trees. The end result was scarves covered with soft marbelling in the palest of blues.


Heti’s Colours scarves hit Liberty London, we love the way they have hung them in their historic scarf department, and now they have added beautiful bags to that space. Its a fabulous feeling to see ones product "in-situ" in store; it is such a long process from conception to perfectly printed and finished scarves. Our S/S17 collection is full of vibrant colour; flora and fauna with an injection of graphs and geometry. Our satin silks shine and our Crepe de Chines drape exquisitely in their new Liberty home. We have had an amazing response from Liberty London, through their instagram and being featured on their home page.


Recently we fell in love with The Robert Raushenberg exhibition at The Tate Modern, London. Raushenbergs drawings for Dante's Inferno are remarkable; many layers of interesting lines, and his use of subtle colours are all very inspiring. I find his collages interesting, a prelude to Andy Warhol and many others, so American and of that moment. I was captivated by a truly 'modern art' piece 'Stuffed Angora Goat'.


Speaking with Chloë at 7.00 O'clock in the morning. She’s in Melbourne Australia and its 8pm there and yet this continues to work for both of us. We discuss colours, concepts, prints. We share our screens, so each can see exactly what we see; who knew there were so many different pinks in the world! I am still amazed by the fabulousness of technology - when it works! We begin to develop designs for the Metropolitan Museum in New York. So much one can do at that quiet time in the morning - first cup of tea in hand. Whilst I look out onto the roof tops of north london it’s wintery and grey, meanwhile Chloë looks onto the streets of Melbourne where of course it’s still bright and sunny, being her summer - just my luck!


These are a taste of things we have previously and do currently love.