Colour Inspiration

We love curating our instagram account and showcasing our weekly inspiration colour palette.

We decided to blog how we come up with the content, where we source it and how we choose it.

This weeks palette is #salmon, a coral, bright apricot tone inspired by our Phoebe design. The design layers vintage Japanese woodblock stamps, tonal and contrasting watercolours, geometric shapes and floral elements.  

We use one of our scarves as the inspiration each week, so the original inspiration for that design is also a great place for starting off.

We start by referring to our Heti's Colours Pinterest boards, we are continually adding to these curated colour boards. Often there are multiple images that fit the colour palette, and this is just from Pinterest. We aim to use a mix of imagery and styles, all to our aesthetic. Often we can't help ourselves from scrolling through tumblr accounts of artist inspired feeds, both current and past.

Below are some of the preliminary 'salmon' choices;

As you can see the images with the darker backgrounds or multiple colours within the image are distracting and eliminating them is part of the curating process, figuring out what looks right together.

As salmon can be light, or muddy, or quite pink, or deep and coral, we start to clarify which tone of salmon we are moving ahead with. By collaging the selected images together, as above and below, we get a clearer vision. 

Oddly sometimes your favourite image doesn't actually work perfectly with the full set. But through a learned eye and a good colour reference you quickly learn which tones and images work well together. Be it architectural, a Matisse painting, Fortuny pleats, botanical illustraitions, contemporary art, Schiaparelli stockings or Flamingos!

This is a process we do week in, week out, and allows us to have fun with colour on a daily basis. The use of colour is such an intrinsic part of our work and world, to help us express, inspire and create!

See the final results of the #salmon palette next week @hetiscolours

Heti's Colours x

Hetis Colours