Colour Conversation 2: Blue


Yes, those days were full of colour combinations we dream of in fashion let alone in the everyday world around us! Oh the goodness of it all!

I found a blue in my camera roll, it was the photo from a gig of The Teskey Brothers, playing a rendition of ‘Jealous Guy’ at the Australian Open earlier this year. It’s all blurry but the cobalt and strength of the lights and his denim and even the min in the drum kit are all beautiful tones (plus my favourite yellow - the guitar contrast is perfect)

The Teskey Brothers

I wonder what the overlap between blues music and the colour blue is - purely feelings oriented? 

Yeah seems it is…at the beginning of the Blues genre being cemented W.C. Handy (the Father of the Blues) defined “blue notes” (minor-keys, flattened notes), as off-pitch keys used for expressive purposed as they had a particularly haunting or ‘blue‘ and nostalgic feel to it. 

I like that one word ‘blue’ can have a variety of meaning and sounds or images come to mind for people. Blues music, a specific blue and/or a melancholic feeling.

I’m lost listening to the live Teskey Brothers cover of the song now :)


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