Colour Conversation 3: Blue

It was the summer of blue skies for me, sorry Chloe, not the summer of blue skies for you! Melbourne is in August full of grey blue skies!.

I uprooted and left a rainy London and headed for the delightful town of Jerez in Southern Spain. Whilst Chloe, you were in the midst of winter hunkering down.

I have a great connection with Southern Spain. This year I spent some time in Cadiz one of my favourite towns, full of twisting alleys where you can hide from the sun and have delicious Tapas watching the people go by.

Spain 2019
Spring Summer 2020

Chloe and I continued our daily conversations throughout August via various means, talking and sending each other images snippets of this and that, working towards a new Homeware collection.

We spent many hours searching for the perfect blue background for a tablecloth and then bingo a walk in Jerez and there was the perfect blue sky, somehow a bit red caught on camera above an amazing concrete wall.

Spring Summer 2019

Until our next conversation, and colour.