Colour Conversation 1: Blue

Hi Chlo, do you remember the amazing blues we saw in India?

I found this picture of a delivery truck & roller door…

Colour conversation 1: BLUE

India 2018

In Greek mythology, blue is associated with rain, and further still A CLASSICAL DICTIONARY OF THE VULGAR TONGUE (1785) states Blue to mean ‘to look blue to be confounded, terrified or disappointed’.

Not sure that I feel this way about blue, the first colour that I painted my bedroom was a bright turquoise blue, I still have a strong connection with this type of blue it always brings me joy not gloom.

6000 years ago humans began to develop blue colorants, discovering Lapis a semi-precious stone mined in Afganistan, blended with calcium and limestone.

It was with the Egyptians that the word Blue emerged.

In Medival times blue dye and paint was more expensive than gold. The painting of the Virgin Mary in a blue robe was not coincidental, blue being the most sort after and expensive of colours is only fitting.


Photo of Indian doorways, October 2018. Annual meet-up with Chloe.

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